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Catchlight - CS AU Fanfic (8/?)



(art by killian-the-meerkat) (also the wonderful just-like—clockwork put together this lovely set for Catchlight as well)

huge thank you to tersaseda for her beta work, which was totally needed because I actually forgot an oxford comma and will never forgive myself. thank you!, dear readers for the absolute best comments and tags. you’re all so wonderful I would give each of you a Killian if I could. :)

disclaimer: don’t own, don’t sue

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Chapter Seven

Rating: T

Word Count: ~2500

Chapter Eight - Invitation

It was Wednesday when Graham suggested that they take an hour and go get some lunch. Emma was seated at the large desktop computer, working on coloring for the most recent shoot when Graham popped his head in.

“Great, you’re making me look like a slacker,” he said, sardonic grin gracing his features.


He gestured to her hunched over posture. “Deadline isn’t for days.”

“Why wait until the deadline?”

“Oh god, you were one of those kids that did their work when it was assigned instead of the night before it was due,” he grumbled. “I would get a partner like that.”

She grinned at ‘partner’ as opposed to ‘assistant,’ which was more in line with what she did at this point. The magazine was a monthly publication, and it was decided (and Emma agreed) that for at least the first month of her employment she would watch and observe and basically assist Graham in whatever way he needed. It was good, actually, not to be in charge. She hadn’t been someone’s second in a while, and even longer since she’d been the go-fer. It was humbling and enlightening and it had only been a few days.

“Is there a problem with being efficient and dependable?”

He wrinkled his nose at her. “Ugh, just stop. I’m getting hives just listening to you talk like that. Can we go get some lunch? I need to see the sky instead of a white wall.”

She laughed and saved her work before closing out of her user account. She stood up and stretched before grabbing her bag and following him out of the studio. As they walked down the hall of the main office, Ariel exited hers and nearly ran Graham over.

“Sorry, sorry,” she said, weak smile on her face. Her arms were full of concept art.

Graham just grinned at her. “Taking Emma for lunch, can we pick you up something?”

Ariel relaxed just a bit. “Yes, oh please, like a seafood salad? Or clam chowder?”

“Missing the husband?”

She nodded. “I hate that he’s gone at sea so long.” She smiled at Emma. “How is everything going, Emma?”

“Good. My boss is a jerk, but you know, good,” she teased and Ariel laughed.

Graham mock-glared at her before looking back at Ariel. “Seafood something. Got it.”

“Thanks you two,” she said before moving past them quickly in the direction of Jefferson’s office. Graham continued towards the front desk.

“Should we ask anyone else?” Emma asked, her eyes traitorously darting farther down the hall.

Graham shrugged. “I have to talk to Ella about a meeting, so go ask Jones the younger. He’s always working, the idiot.” He winked at her before heading to the front desk and leaving her without a chance to protest.

Killian was Jones the younger, according to Graham. His older brother was CFO and someone that Emma had only seen at a distance, and not yet met. Though, even at that distance, she could see the similarity in their features. But Graham, being Graham, had dubbed Liam Jones, Jones the elder and Killian, Jones the younger. He seemed to think himself incredibly witty to have done so.

As far as Jones the younger was concerned, Emma hadn’t seen him at all in her three days on the job. Her first day had been tense enough, not wanting to screw up too royally and adding the chance of seeing him on top of that made her even more jumpy. But he’d been staying away. Whether that was normal or intentional, she didn’t know, and wasn’t inclined to ask Graham either.

But she should ask because to not ask him would show that there was something between them. Words were one thing, but she knew that it would take some time before she could see him neutrally. So she walked toward the door to his office and lightly knocked.

“Come in.” The tone was rushed and short, but she entered anyway.

Her breath caught at the sight of him.

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